paraslash Paraslash Audio Streaming
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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 aac_afh.cPara_server's aac audio format handler
 aacdec_filter.cParaslash's aac (m4a) decoder
 acl.cAccess control lists for paraslash senders
 acl.hExported functions of acl.c
 afh.cParaslash's standalone audio format handler tool
 afh.hStructures for audio format handling (para_server)
 afh_common.cCommon audio format handler functions
 afh_recv.cReceiver for streaming local files
 afs.cParaslash's audio file selector
 afs.hExported symbols of the audio file selector
 aft.cAudio file table functions
 alsa_mix.cThe ALSA mixer plugin
 alsa_write.cParaslash's alsa output plugin
 amp_filter.cParaslash's amplify filter
 ao_write.cParaslash's libao output plugin
 attribute.cAttribute handling functions
 audioc.cThe client program used to connect to para_audiod
 audiod.cThe paraslash's audio daemon
 audiod.hSymbols exported from audiod.c
 audiod_command.cCommands for para_audiod
 base64.cUudecode and base64decode implementation
 base64.hUudecode/base64 API
 bitstream.cBitstream API for the wma decoder
 bitstream.hBitstream structures and inline functions
 blob.cMacros and functions for blob handling
 buffer_tree.cBuffer tree and buffer pool implementations
 buffer_tree.hBuffer tree management
 check_wav.cDetect and delete a wav header
 check_wav.hDetect, process and cut a wav header
 chunk_queue.cQueuing functions for paraslash senders
 chunk_queue.hExported symbols from chunk_queue.c
 client.cThe client program used to connect to para_server
 client.hCommon client functions and exported symbols from client_common.c
 client_common.cCommon functions of para_client and para_audiod
 close_on_fork.cManage a list of fds that should be closed on fork
 close_on_fork.hExported symbols from close_on_fork.c
 color.cFunctions for printing colored messages
 color.hExported functions from color.c
 command.cClient authentication and server commands
 command.hThe structure of server and afs commands
 compress_filter.cParaslash's dynamic audio range compressor
 crypt.hPublic crypto interface
 crypt_backend.hNon-public crypto interface
 crypt_common.cCrypto functions independent of openssl/libgcrypt
 daemon.cSome helpers for programs that detach from the console
 daemon.hExported symbols from daemon.c
 dccp_recv.cParaslash's dccp receiver
 dccp_send.cParaslash's dccp sender
 error.hList of error codes and messages
 exec.cHelper functions for spawning new processes
 fd.cHelper functions for file descriptor handling
 fd.hExported symbols from fd.c
 fec.cForward error correction based on Vandermonde matrices
 fec.hExported symbols from fec.c
 fecdec_filter.cA filter that fec-decodes an audio stream
 file_write.cSimple output plugin for testing purposes
 filter.cThe stand-alone filter program
 filter.hFilter-related structures and exported symbols from filter_common.c
 filter_common.cCommon helper functions for filter input/output
 flac_afh.cAudio format handler for flac files
 flacdec_filter.cThe flac decoder
 gcrypt.cLibgrcypt-based encryption/decryption routines
 git-version.hAuto-generated version file
 grab_client.cFunctions for grabbing the audio stream
 grab_client.hExported symbols from grab_client.c
 gui.cCurses-based interface for paraslash
 gui.hSymbols used by gui and gui_theme
 gui_theme.cTheme definitions
 http.hMacros used by http_send and http_recv
 http_recv.cParaslash's http receiver
 http_send.cParaslash's http sender
 imdct.cInverse modified discrete cosine transform
 imdct.hExported symbols from imdct.c
 interactive.cReadline abstraction for interactive sessions
 interactive.hPublic API for interactive sessions
 ipc.cInter-process communication and shared memory helpers
 ipc.hInter process communication and shared memory routines
 list.hDoubly linked list implementation
 lsu.cUtilities related to the lopsub library
 lsu.hLopsub Utilities, enums and public functions
 mix.hMixer API for para_mixer
 mixer.cA volume fader and alarm clock
 mood.cParaslash's mood handling functions
 mood.hPublic functions of mood.c
 mp.cMood parser helper functions
 mp.hInternal mood parser API (backend)
 mp3_afh.cPara_server's mp3 audio format handler
 mp3dec_filter.cParaslash's mp3 decoder
 net.cNetworking-related helper functions
 net.hExported symbols from net.c
 ogg_afh.cAudio format handler for ogg/vorbis files
 ogg_afh_common.cFunctions common to all ogg/ codecs
 ogg_afh_common.hStructures and prototypes common to audio format handlers that use the ogg container format
 oggdec_filter.cParaslash's ogg vorbis decoder
 openssl.cOpenssl-based encryption/decryption routines
 opus_afh.cAudio format handler for ogg/opus files
 opus_common.cCommon functions of the opus decoder and audio format handler
 opus_common.hCommon declarations for the opus decoder and audio format handler
 opusdec_filter.cThe ogg/opus decoder
 oss_mix.cThe OSS mixer plugin
 oss_write.cParaslash's oss output plugin
 para.hGlobal paraslash definitions
 play.cParaslash's standalone player
 playlist.cFunctions for loading and saving playlists
 portable_io.hInline functions for binary IO
 prebuffer_filter.cParaslash's prebuffering filter
 recv.cStand-alone audio stream receiver
 recv.hReceiver-related structures and exported symbols of recv_common.c
 recv_common.cCommon functions of para_recv and para_audiod
 resample_filter.cA sample rate converter based on libsamplerate
 ringbuffer.cSimple ringbuffer implementation
 ringbuffer.hExported symbols from ringbuffer.c
 sched.cParaslash's scheduling functions
 sched.hSched and task structures and exported symbols from sched.c
 score.cScoring functions to determine the audio file streaming order
 send.hSender-related defines and structures
 send_common.cFunctions used by more than one paraslash sender
 server.cParaslash's main server
 server.hCommon server data structures
 sideband.cImplementation of the sideband API
 sideband.hExported symbols from sideband.c
 signal.cSignal handling functions
 signal.hExported symbols from signal.c
 spx.hStructures and prototypes common to the speex audio format handler and the speex decoder
 spx_afh.cAudio format handler for ogg/speex files
 spx_common.cFunctions used by the speex decoder and the speex audio format handler
 spxdec_filter.cParaslash's ogg/speex decoder
 stat.cFunctions used for sending/receiving the status of para_server and para_audiod
 stdin.cFunctions that deal with reading from stdin
 stdin.hThe standard in task structure
 stdout.cFunctions that deal with writing to stdout
 stdout.hWriting to stdout via buffer trees
 string.cMemory allocation and string handling functions
 string.hExported symbols from string.c
 sync_filter.cPlayback synchronization filter
 time.cHelper functions for dealing with time values
 udp_recv.cParaslash's udp receiver
 udp_send.cPara_server's udp sender
 upgrade_db.cPrepare the paraslash database for paraslash-0.7
 user_list.cUser handling for para_server
 user_list.hExported functions from user_list.c
 version.cSome helpers for printing version and copyright strings
 version.hFunctions for printing the version string
 vss.cThe virtual streaming system
 vss.hExported functions from vss.c (para_server)
 wav_filter.cA filter that inserts a wave header
 wma.hThe asf_header structure and public wma function declarations
 wma_afh.cThe audio format handler for WMA files
 wma_common.cFunctions used by both the WMA afh and decoder
 wmadata.hVarious WMA tables
 wmadec_filter.cParaslash's WMA decoder
 write.cParaslash's standalone wav/raw player
 write.hWriter-related structures
 write_common.cCommon functions of para_audiod and para_write