Paraslash network audio streaming tools



Paraslash is only available as source code, no binary packages are provided at this point. There are several ways to download the source:
  • git. Clone the git repository by executing
    			git clone git://

    The repository contains the full history of the project since 2006, all work in progress and the source code for the web pages. Choosing this option allows the checkout of any of the four integration branches maint, master, next, pu (see the Git branches section of the manual). All previous releases correspond to tagged commits and may be checked out as well. Since development takes place in separate topic branches the master branch is expected to be more stable than any of the released versions.

    Compiling from git requires additional tools, notably the autoconf package must be installed.

  • regular releases. All released versions can be downloaded as compressed tarballs from the download directory. These tarballs are cryptographically signed and contain a pre-generated configure script. They can be compiled and installed without autoconf.
  • master tarballs. Whenever significant changes are incorporated a tarball of the current master branch is created. All changes in this tarball will be included in the next release. Like for regular releases, a configure script is provided for convenience.
  • gitweb snapshots. The gitweb page contains a snapshot link for each revision. This allows getting a specific revision without downloading the full history.