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Development happens in topic branches where each topic corresponds to one branch. These topic branches are not pushed to the public repository, however, to keep the number of branches small, Instead, the topic branches are merged into an integration branch which is then pushed to the public repository.

Two integration branches named pu ("proposed updates") and next exist. Topics in early development are only merged into the pu branch. When the topic is feature-complete, has been tested and is fully documented, it graduates to next. Thus, topics in next are expected to be of higher quality than those in pu.

The table below shows the current development topics. Run git checkout pu to get all topics or git checkout next to enable only the mature topics.

Topic IB #C Description
afs pu 33 Improvements to the audio file selector
autogen pu 1 Revamp
for-maint pu 0 urgent fixes for old bugs
ll pu 4 new ll commands to set the log level
misc pu 7 smallish miscellaneous changes for master
mixer pu 5 Improvements to para_mixer
mp4ff pu 140 provide our own copy of libmp4ff
net pu 7 Cleanup net.c and net.h
openssl-3 pu 2 Don't use openssl APIs anymore which got depreciated in openssl-3.
overflow pu 7 be more careful wrt. integer overflows
poll pu 14 Switch from select(2) to poll(2)
sf_float pu 1 support 32 bit float sample format.

When a topic is merged into master, it vanishes from here since it is no longer considered as being in development.

Topic branch details

The SHA1 number shown as tip can be used to checkout a commit which only contains the changes introduced in this topic.


This series starts with a fair number of patches which clean up all parts of the audio file selector. The last patch implements a new feature for the ls command.


A single patch which removes everything from except the autoconf and autoheader commands.





Stuff in here is too small to get its own topic branch, and safe enough to be applied to master without cooking in next.

     Makefile.real     | 15 ++++++++++++---
     aft.c             | 15 +++++++--------
     audiod.c          |  2 +-
     client_common.c   |  3 +--
     command.c         |  7 +++++++
     play.c            | 25 +++++++++++++------------
     server.c          |  3 ++-
     string.c          | 50 --------------------------------------------------
     string.h          |  2 --
     t/ | 21 ++++++++++++++++++---
     10 files changed, 61 insertions(+), 82 deletions(-)



This 130+ patch behemoth adds a stripped down copy of libmp4ff to the repo. This has become necessary because the library was dropped from the faad project.

The series starts with a patch which adds an unmodified copy of the relevant parts of libmp4ff to the repo. All code is combined in a single file, mp4.c, which contains approximately 2K lines of code. The public API is defined in the new mp4.h.

The remaining patches clean up the two new files, simplifying and removing large parts of it. Some of the patches modify the API, and those require small changes to the aac audio format handler, which also becomes simpler due to these changes. The aac decoder, however, is not touched in this series.




New memory allocation API which checks for overflows. The first part of the series renames the main allocation functions. Later patches in the series implement allocators which take two size_t arguments like calloc(3) does and check whether the multiplication overflows by employing the __builtin_mul_overflow() primitive supported by gcc and clang. This requires us to bump the lowest supported gcc and clang version.



A single patch which adds two new sample formats for 32 bit IEEE float waveform data.