Public Open Source Projects

All projects listed here are maintained and contributions are welcome. If you like one of the projects and want to help out, here is how.

ADU - Advanced Disk Usage

adu logo

ADU creates a database containing disk usage statistics of a given directory. This database can be queried to quickly retrieve, for example, the number and the size of all files in a subdirectory owned by a given user.

Advanced Problems in the Linux Environment

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A practical training course for scientists, programmers and system administrators.


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A math book on distributions I wrote long ago (in German).

DSS - The Dyadic Snapshot Scheduler

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DSS creates hardlink-based snapshots of a given directory on a remote or local host using rsync's link-dest feature.

GSU - The Global Subcommand Utility

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GSU is small library of bash functions intended to ease the task of writing and documenting large shell scripts with multiple subcommands.

Hashtar - Tar Archives With a Twist

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This utility creates POSIX tar archives, but for each given regular file, it copies the hash value rather than the actual data into the archive.

Lopsub - The Long Option Parser for Subcommands

lopsub logo

An open source library written in C which aims to ease the task of creating, documenting and parsing the options of Unix command line utilities.

Micoforia - Minimal Containers for Instant Access

micoforia logo

A lightweight container framework for Linux, designed for performance and simplicity.

Misma - The Minimal Snapshot Manager

misma logo

A simple daemon which maintains snapshots of thin provisioned logical volumes (Linux-only).

OSL - The Object Storage Layer

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A library for storing small to medium-sized data in relational tables. It is easy to use, lightweight, fast and portable.

Paraslash - Network Audio Streaming

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The paraslash package contains server and client software for network audio streaming and stand-alone utilities for decoding and playing audio files.

Spanish Grammar

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A text book with focus on the differences between the English and the Spanish grammar. It contains many examples and exercises.

Tfortune - Fortune Cookies with Tags

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Like fortune(1), tfortune is a Unix command line utility which prints a random epigram. Epigrams are stored as plain text files, but they must be annotated with tags to make full use of the features which tfortune offers over other implementations.