Networks — Processes and Causality

There is a growing interest in analyzing increasingly larger networks, and understanding and controlling processes that take place over them. This spans a broad range of domains, from modeling information propagation over social networks to designing vaccination policies to stop epidemics.

In this workshop, we brought together researchers and graduate students that use machine learning, statistics, graph theory, data mining, information retrieval, causal inference, statistical physics, and sociology, to study networks, processes that take place over them, and links to causality. The workshop consisted of invited talks, contributed talks, organized dinners and enough time for scientific discussions.

Topics of interest included, but were not limited to:

  • Cascading processes in networks
  • Information propagation in networks
  • Metrics, models and measurement of influence in networks
  • Disease dynamics and vaccination in networks
  • Mobility patterns and traveling in networks
  • Propagation of revolutionary unrest in networks
  • Signed networks
  • Causal networks
  • Longitudinal networks
  • Games in networks
  • Trust in networks

The workshop took place in the Hotel Audax in Menorca (Spain) during four days, Sept 3-6, 2012.

Below, you can find a group photo that we took during the workshop