Stage 1: Move Cube with the Real Robot


In stage 1 the same task as in the pre-stage has to be solved (see Task 1: Move Cube on Trajectory) but now on the real robot.

About the Cube


The surface of the cubes has some structure to make grasping them easier. Each side has a different colour to help the camera-based object tracking.

  • Width: 6.5 cm

  • Weight: 94 g

Format of goal.json

By default a random trajectory will be sampled when you execute a job on the robot. If you want to test specific cases, you can specify a fixed trajectory by adding a file goal.json to your repository (see Goal Sampling Settings). For the task of this stage, the format of that file has to be as follows:

    "goal": [
        [0, [0.070, -0.025, 0.043]],
        [30000, [-0.090, 0.003, 0.084]],
        [40000, [0.090, 0.030, 0.010]],

Each element of the outer list corresponds to one trajectory step. For each step a tuple with a time index and an (x, y, z)-position is given.

The time index specifies when the corresponding trajectory step becomes active. It will stay active until the time index of the next step is reached. The first step in the trajectory always needs to start at time index zero. The last step will remain active until the end of the episode.

Using the Real Robot

See Using the Real Robots.