This challenge has ended!

This documentation is only for the Real Robot Challenge 2020 which has ended. Following challenges have their own documentation, see the challenge website for more information.

How to Submit Your Final Version

Submitting the Code

You don’t need to additionally upload your code or Singularity image anywhere to submit your final version. Just make sure that at the end of the phase, your configuration and Singularity image on the submission system are up to date (see Job Submission System).

Your final version should be able to handle all four difficulty levels. So in case you are using different models for the different levels, make sure that your code executes the correct one, based on the difficulty level that is passed as argument to run.

The final evaluation will be done in the same way as the weekly evaluations (see Weekly Evaluation). Note that the goal.json in your repository will be ignored for this!

At the end of the phase, we will clone your code and Singularity image as configured there for the final evaluation.

For the exact deadline, see

Submitting a Report via OpenReview

In addition to your code, you have to hand in a short (max. 3 pages without references) report describing what you did during this phase. The submission of this report will be done via OpenReview:

There are no specific rules for the layout/formatting.

The report on OpenReview will be published anonymously. If you wish to publish it with your names, you are free to do this on another channel, e.g. via arXiv.

In your report, you are encouraged to add a link to a video showing your best runs. We provide a tool which you may use to generate a video file from a camera log (but you are also free to create the video in other ways, of course).

Determining the Winners

The winning teams will be determined based on a combination of their score and the report.