Build Instructions

We provide a Singularity image with all required dependencies to build and run the software. See About Singularity.

You can, of course, also use the package without Singularity. In this case you need to install all dependencies locally, though.

Get the Source

robot_fingers depends on several other of our packages which are organized in separate repositories. We therefore use a workspace management tool called treep which allows easy cloning of multi-repository projects.

treep can be installed via pip:

pip install treep

Clone the treep configuration containing the “ROBOT_FINGERS” project:

git clone

Note: treep searches for a configuration directory from the current working directory upwards. So you can use treep in the directory in which you invoked the git clone command above or any subdirectory.

Now clone the project:

treep --clone ROBOT_FINGERS

Important: treep uses SSH to clone from github. So for the above command to work, you need a github account with a registered SSH key. Further this key needs to work without asking for a password everytime. To achieve this, run




With Singularity

Go to the root directory of your workspace (the one containing the “src” folder) and run the container in shell mode (see About Singularity):

singularity shell -e --no-home -B $(pwd) path/to/image.sif

The current working directory gets automatically mounted into the container so you can edit all the files from outside the container using your preferred editor or IDE and all changes will directly be visible inside the container. Vice versa modifications done from inside the container will modify the files on the host system!

Inside the container first set up the environment:

Singularity> source /setup.bash

This will source the ROS setup.bash and do some other environment setup.

Now you can build with:

Singularity> colcon build

Without Singularity

To build, cd into the workspace directory and build with:

colcon build