Image denoising with multi-layer perceptrons

Harold Christopher Burger

Christian J. Schuler

Stefan Harmeling

NEW! November 2012:
Image denoising with multi-layer perceptrons, part 1: comparison with existing algorithms and with bounds
Image denoising with multi-layer perceptrons, part 2: training trade-offs and analysis of their mechanisms

October 2012:
We managed to improve on our results published in CVPR 2012.
Download the new toolbox.
The toolbox requires that you download the weights (one for each noise level):
sigma = 10 (~50 MB)
sigma = 25 (~103 MB)
sigma = 35 (~103 MB)
sigma = 50 (~103 MB)
sigma = 65 (~103 MB)
sigma = 75 (~61 MB)
sigma = 170 (~103 MB)
Once downloaded, place the weights files in the toolbox folder.

March 2012:
Link to our CVPR 2012 paper, supplementary material and software.

Project overview:

Patch-wise denoising with an MLP
patch-wise denoising with an MLP

State-of-the-art results
state-of-the-art results

Large-scale learning
Large-scale learning